Choquequirao Huanipaca Route Re-Opened!

By Ariana Svenson, Apus Peru Co-Founder

After two months of being closed, the innovative Choquequirao Huanipaca route has been re-opened after rockfalls have been cleared away.

Muleteers advise that the bridge at San Ignacio is narrow, so the muleteers need to pass the equipment over the bridge and then the mules cross over unloaded so that no accident occurs with a horse losing their footing.

Choquequirao Ruins

 Traditionally, the Choquequirao trek was an arduous trek that took two days to reach the Choquequirao ruins, trekking through the spectacular Apurimac canyon.  Trekkers would then return along the same route, which is considered the toughest in the Cusco region.    This backtracking was often commented upon by clients as something that could be improved – so Apus Peru started operating the Choquequirao Huanipaca trek in 2010, that enables clients to exit via a differente route.

On the Choquequirao-Huanipaca Route!

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