Trekking with Your Partner

We asked two of our recent clients, Megan and Greg, to share a little about their experience trekking togather as a couple.  They completed our Expreso Salkantay trek, which you can read more about by clicking this link: Here is what they had to say:

Greg and I have been together for 6 years and we’ve done our share of adventure traveling.  We’ve planned and led outdoor adventure trips in North America for ourselves as well as commercial operations and live to be out in the woods on the weekends.  The time we spent dating and now our marriage is very much nurtured by our love for the outdoors. So when the opportunity to trek through the Andes presented itself, it was a no-brainer decision.  We were going.

Megan and Greg on the Apus Peru Expreso Salkantay Trek

We had never been guests on a commercial trip before and therefore never realized what an amazing gift it is to have no vested concern in any of the logistics.  When we signed up I never even thought about how nice it would be to have all of our food cooked for us, all of our bags packed and carried for us, all of our tents set up, all of our transportation arranged, all of the safety concerns covered, all of the routes mapped out, and all of our tickets purchased.  There was no stress about who, if anyone, had packed the water filter or who was going to get out of the tent first to make a pot of coffee.  It was all done.  We were able to focus on enjoying each other; reconnecting without the chaos and background noise– a gift that doesn’t often present itself at home.

Greg and I laughed a lot on the trip and found ourselves saying things like “I never knew that about you”.  We slept better and ate (much) better than we do at home.  Instead of zoning out in front of a reality TV show we discussed things, and as we descended down into the hydroelectric station with a pure view of green mountains and a stunning waterfall we talked about how grateful we were to have someone to share the trip with.  Being together made the experience that much more beautiful and tangible.  Well worth the money.  Well worth the time


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