Apus Peru Pollada

Apus Peru held its annual pollada this past weekend, which is both a fundraiser for our community events around the holidays and a chance for staff, family and friends to get togather and have fun!  Polladas are parties in which roast chicken, sides and beverages are sold, and are very popular here in Cusco. This year, Apus staff worked weeks in advance to purchase and prepare roast potatoes, salad, aji (a type of spicy sauce made with different chiles and ingredients in distinct areas of Peru), mote (a traditional corn dish from Urubamba),chicha (a Peruvian corn beverage that is served both freshly made and fermented), and other beverages.

Chicken and Mote: ¡Que rico!

 Our pollada lasted all day and into the night.  During this time, Apus staff took turns serving attendees, enjoying the food, playing soccer (football), dancing and generally having a good time!

Apus Peru staff members ready to serve: Guide Arturo, Logistics Coordinator Miriam, and Customer Service Manager Amanda!

By the end of the night, approximately 300 plates had been sold, the proceeds of which will be used for our holiday Chocolatada and christmas baskets for our muleteers and poters.


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