A special story: Jazz Hands!

Apus Peru is currently running a Photography Competition, and we were expecting to get photos and maybe some memories, but the story that we will recount here blew us away and brought tears to our eyes.

Big Willy Tunquipa - "Saq`ra" - Jazz Hands

Tianna Meriage-Reiter submitted the above photo with the following explanation:

I went on the Lares Trek to Chaullacocha in August 2010.  My guide was Big Willy.  For the “Most interesting photo” category, I am sending this photo Jazz hands Big willy.    When I first met Big Willy, I tried to explain what Jazz Hands were in Spanish.   The best way to explain was to show it and yell out, “Jazz Hands!”  So it went that way for the entire trip.

And then when he took the children of Chaullacocha valley to Machu Picchu (with a little of my help), he sent me a picture with all the children with their hands in “Jazz Hands.”

The Children doing Jazz Hands in Machu picchu!

Our sincere thanks to Tianna for her enormous generosity, in supporting Willy in his dream to take the kids and women of Chaullacocha to Machu Picchu.  And thank you to Willy for his efforts and amazing cariño for the kids of the remote communities.

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