Route Update: Choquequirao-Huanipaca and Choquequirao Comfort Treks Temporarily Suspended

This past week there was a severe landslide along a stretch of trail that is part of our Choquequirao-Huanipaca:  and Choquequirao Comfort: treks.  The trail is currently impassible, and is likely to remain this way for some time, partially due to heavy damage to the San Ignacio Bridge.   While these routes are normally great alternatives to the standard “classic” Choquequirao route that most agencies (including Apus Peru) offer, they are also very remote.  For this reason, it will likely take longer for the trail to be cleared than in more populated areas, and at this point we are unable determine at what date may be able to offer these routes again.  We will keep you posted!

If you are looking to book a trek that includes the Choquequirao ruins in the next month or so, there are still several great  alternatives.  Our Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek can be done in seven, eight or nine days and offers amazing views and scenery:  For those with less time available for a trek, our Classic Choquequirao route will get you to the ruins and back in either four or five days: .


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