Yummy Fun at Choco Museo!

Our bubbly instructor Gladys shows us how to peel the Cacao beans!

Apus Peru always go out of their way to test, try or trek before we recommend things to other travellers!  In this case, there was no sweating up trails on an arduous trek –  we headed uptown to the Choco Museo in the centre of Cusco,  for a 2 hour workshop on “The Bean to the Bar.”

Apus Peru’s Customer Service Manager Amanda Zenick pours the molds for her hand made chocolates!

Our bubbly instructor Gladys took us from the Cacao tree, its world history and which varieties are in Peru… to a hands on roasting… where we all took parts in stirring the pot that roasted the cacao beans!  After we shelled the beans, we were into some very serious grinding, as we made our own chocolate paste. And finally, we made our own chocolates.

This is a fun, interactive and extremely well presented tour of the chocolate making process!   If you are a choco-holic, or just have an interest in how one of your favourite foods is made, we highly recommend a visit to the Choco Museo!

Apus Peru Co Founder Ariana Svenson preparing her chocolates.

These workshops are an awesome way for kids to have good fun learning about the world they live in, so we particularly recommend them to families.  These are FUN and you get to take home the chocolates that you roasted, ground and made yourself!

Please ask your Apus Peru travel consultant to book this tour for you!  Yummy, awesome fun!




Tempering chocolate in the Choco Museo Cusco… mmmmm… delicious!


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