Learn something new at Chichubamba!

Decorating the ceramics at Chichubamba. Photo by Isaiah Brookshire.

Apus Peru likes to offer insights and learning as part of their Sacred Valley tours so you can understand about Peru’s varied and unique culture. Here, multimedia storyteller Isaiah Brookshire shares some stunning images from a ceramic making workshop.

For a relaxing change of pace, consider a day of learning in Chichubamba. This unique community project allows visitors to enter the homes of Chichubamba residents and discover their way of life.  At a potter’s house you will learn techniques for creating ceramics from raw earth and learn how to color them with natural paints.

Shaping a pot at Chichubamba. Photo Isaiah Brookshire.

At a chicheria, you’ll get a step-by-step look at the brewing process for one of Cusco’s favorite beverages, and in another home you will see the chocolate making process from bean to bar.

For more information about visiting these projects, please visit http://www.apus-peru.com/treks/chichubamba_community_tourism.html

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Photo by Isaiah Brookshire.