Apus wins Q’ente Prize!

Apus Peru receives the Silver Q’ente Prize. (L-R) Herbert Saire (Head Cook), Erika Tapia (Reservations), Nicolle Tunquipa (daughter of Co Founder & General Manager Fely Callanaupa), Willy Tunquipa (Head Guide), Hilda Callanaupa (Reservations).

In mid October  Apus Peru was awarded the Silver Q’ente Prize in the Adventure Tourism Travel Agent category.

The Q’ente Prizes are the most prestigious tourism prizes in the Cusco region and are hosted annually by the Regional Tourism Board of Cusco.  Given the prestige of the awards, they are highly sought after amongst Cusco travel agencies with hundreds entering each year.

The objective of the awards is to encourage the adoption of excellent procedures and corporate responsibility, and also improve the visitor’s experience in order to strengthen the Cusco brand, as well as reducing poverty.  Winners of this award are considered to be leaders in the industry.

Apus Peru Co-Founders Fely Callanaupa and Ariana Svenson wanted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Apus Peru staff over recent years, and particularly the unseen work of the office staff who help to ensure that treks and tours run efficiently.

Erika Tapia and Hilda Callanaupa work in the Apus Peru office and are responsible for hotel and train reservations. Here they are with the Q’ente Prize!

Willy Tunquipa (Head Guide), Herbert Saire (Head Cook), Erika Tapia (Reservations), Nicole Tunquipa, Ever Puma (Driver), Vladi Callapina (Reservations), Urbano Huayna & Domingo Atao (Guides)

Cook Herbert Saire has been with us since our first treks – here he holds the Q’ente Prize proudly!


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