Plan to do the Inca Trail in 2013?

Get your 2013 Inca Trail Permits now!

The Classic Inca Trail is among the most famous treks in the world, and for good reason.  This four day, three night trek along restored Inca walkways crosses through the diverse scenery and climates that comprise the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary.  Trekkers have the opportunity to view protected species, such as diverse type of orchids and the endangered Spectacled Bear, and visit multiple Inca ruins while camping under the stars each night.  The trek culminates on the final day, when Inca Trail hikers arrive at Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate, which is possible only on the official Inca Trail.

If it’s your dream to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 2013 –please take a few minutes to read this email and then get your details into your travel provider so you don’t miss out!

Views from Abra Warmihuañusca (Dead Woman’s Pass – 4200m/13776ft) the high point of the Inca Trail. Photo courtesy of Patty Hinz

Views from Abra Warmihuañusca (Dead Woman’s Pass – 4200m/13776ft) the high point of the Inca Trail. Photo courtesy of Patty Hinz

Some useful information for getting your preferred date.

Did you know….The Classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu is limited to 500 people entering it each day-  in practice 200 of these permits are sold to tourist/trekkers and 300 to trekking staff,  mostly the porters that carry equipment for the trekkers?**

As numbers are limited, permits sell out 5 months in advance for the high season – May, June and July.  Despite this system being in place for many years now,  and being widely commented upon in guide books and on the internet, every year  Apus Peru gets literally hundreds of emails from  people upset to have missed out on a place on the “most famous” trek to Machu Picchu – the Traditional Inca Trail.

Inca Trail permits go on sale around January 1st each year to authorised Inca Trail companies who have passed an inspection carried out in the previous November.   Inca Trail companies that have the names, passport numbers and deposits of their clients enter a lottery in order to purchase the permits.   With the Inca Trail closed due the wet season and maintenance in February, the first permits sold are for March 2013, followed by April 2013, then May… etc.  If you have not submitted your names – then you have to wait until after the lottery period has passed, which can be as late as the end of January to buy your Inca Trail permits – If they have not sold out!

Every year is different but generally the main dates that sell out in the lottery period during January are…

  • The first week of March
  • Around Easter (in 2013 Good Friday will fall on the 29 March.) We would anticipate that the period 28 March through 7th April may sell out during the initial lottery period.
  • Various dates in May.
  • Around the Solstice and Inti Raymi in June – 21st – 24th June.

Once a date is sold out – its SOLD OUT – permits are non refundable and non changeable, so you can’t pick up a spot if there is a cancellation.

If you are travelling around these dates and already have your flights booked and little flexibility then we strongly advise that you submit your details, passport number and deposit to your travel agent prior to Christmas week (ie by the 18th December.)   As the “Inca Trail Lottery” is truly a lottery, its impossible to predict what demand there will be for permits in 2013, and some or many dates may sell out.

If you have some flexibility with dates, and you are not ready to commit, we would recommend that you get back in contact with us, or your travel agent after the 1st January.   However, be aware that while we will do everything we can to secure your permits,  your departure dates may be more limited.  (Please note, with Apus Peru you are dealing directly with the Operator, who is licensed by the Ministry of Culture to do this trek).  If you are dealing with a third party operator then be careful with the advice they give – but the earlier you get your details in, the better!  Don’t miss out on doing the Inca Trail in 2013 – reserve your Inca Trail Permits now!

Apus Peru guide Arturo Mansilla points out the highs and lows of the Inca Trail. Photo courtesy of Patty Hinz.

Apus Peru guide Arturo Mansilla points out the highs and lows of the Inca Trail. Photo courtesy of Patty Hinz.

**Note: Several other treks that Apus Peru offers also include all or part of the regulated Inca Trail, and require permit.  These routes include our two day Short Inca Trail ( ), six day Salkantay-Inca Trail ( and 12 day Choquequirao-Salkantay-Inca Trail route ( )


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