Apus Peru Guide Enters the World of Show Biz

Apus Peru guide Urbano Huayna "on location".  Photo courtesy Sarah Confer.

Apus Peru guide Urbano Huayna “on location”. Photo courtesy Sarah Confer.

Apus Peru veteran tour guide and translator Urbano Huayna recently had the unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness firsthand the glamorous world of show business.

Unless, of course, you don’t consider alpaca herding in the pouring rain glamorous.

It turns out that at least one production company does, and so traditional alpaca herders in the remote Andean hillsides became the subject of interest for a new documentary.  That’s where Urbano steps in. You see, the vast majority of traditional alpaca herders in Peru speak Quechua, and the vast majority of film crews…don’t.

Through the miracle of the Internet, the crew stumbled upon Threads of Peru and Apus Peru and contacted us for some help with communication in the hinterlands.

Urbano was more than happy to oblige, and for almost two weeks he escorted the crew during their travels to alpaca farms and remote hillsides, helping to interpret between presenter and interviewee.

We doubt that he’s ready to give up his day job, but we are sure that it was an experience he’ll never forget!

With their wealth of specialist knowledge of remote areas of Peru, plus a range of talented people on staff, Apus Peru is able to provide fixing & location scouting services for films or documentaries being produced in Peru, particularly in the Cusco region.  Contact us for more information.


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