World Water Day and Apus Peru!

Today is World Water Day!  Water security is an important issue in Peru; now and especially in the future.  Due to global warming, glaciers in the Andes are shrinking rapidly, which means the major source of water for most of the country will soon be gone.  In order to support and draw attention to this issue, Apus Peru staff participated in a march to the center of Cusco.  Here are a few photos we would like to share!

           Apus Peru staff members Suzanne, Hector, Fely, Erika and Juan with their homemade signs in Plaza Tupac Amaru.


The march begin with a Pago a la Mamacocha, an offering to the Andean deity of the lakes and sea.  The purpose of this ceremony is to give thanks for what Mamacocha has provided, and to ask for continued protection and bounty.

Our staff made signs in their mother languages;  Hilda and Suzanne used English, Spanish and Dutch.


The march began in Plaza Tupac Amaru and continued on to Plaza Recocijo.  Schools, non-governmental organizations and government offices took part.  Here we are between children from two private schools.

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