Employee Profile: Hilda Callanaupa

We are planning to frequently feature Apus Peru staff members on our blog, with a photo and brief interview.  Some will be people you meet in the office, or plan your trip with, and others will be staff you probably will never meet, but play in important role in the operation of our treks and tours.  This month … featuring ….Hilda Callañaupa Gonzales

Hilda Callanaupa Gonzales

Hilda Callanaupa Gonzales

Hilda has worked for Apus Peru for many years, working part time while also completing her studies to become a licensed guide. She is an important part of the Apus Peru office, and works buying train tickets, a critical aspect of every client’s satisfaction. She also plays an important role in our Sustainability program and has completed short courses in Environmental Accounting, Biodiversiy, & International trade for development. She hopes to soon study new course to gain a specialisation in Environmental Legislation and Natural Resources.

  1.  What is your role at Apus Peru? 

Trabajo en operaciones, específicamente compro tickets de  tren y también en nuestra program de sostenibiidad.  / I work in Operations, specifically in the purchase of train tickets and also in our sustainability program.

2. What is your favorite thing about Cusco? Why? 

La ciudad, porque  es tranquilo, no es como las grandes ciudades, sus cerros cuando miro veo lo verde que esta, y cuando estoy caminando, veo  las grande obras que nos dejaron los incas y nunca me canso de mirar y de imaginar como es que lo hicieron.

The city, because its relaxed, it is not like the big cities, I can see the green on the mountains.  When I am walking I can see the great works that the Incas left us and I never get tired of looking at them and imagining how they were made.

3. Besides Machu Picchu, what would you recommend people see when they visit? Why? 

Choquequirao, Valle Sagrado y la caminata a Uchuy Qosqo, es muy hermoso el cañon y puedes apreciar los apus mas importantes del Cusco./ Choquequirao, the Sacred Valley and the hike to Huchuy Qosqo, the canyon is very beautiful and you can appreciate the most important Apus of Cusco.

Thank you to Hilda for all your hard work!


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