A Peruvian New Year 2014

For a completely different start to 2014, why not consider doing something completely different and enjoying New Year in Peru?

What a way to start 2014!

What a way to start 2014! Thank you to Eric West for this inspired shot!

Get immersed in Peruvian traditions like wearing coloured underwear, eating grapes at midnight, all intended to bring you all your dreams for the upcoming year!

Get into the Swing of Things!

Get into the Swing of Things! Thanks for the foto Honni!

This will be a New Year break not to be forgotten http://www.apus-peru.com/trip-planning/new_years_eve.htm.

The New Year holiday is a great time to visit the Cusco region as the rains have started and days are generally warmer (albeit wetter) than the popular dry season. There are fewer tourists but the locals come out in force to celebrate –and you can rejoice alongside them.

Come and celebrate New Year Andean style! Salud!

Come and celebrate New Year Andean style! Salud!

Apus Peru are known for being “insiders” who are world travellers and yet also experts on travelling to Peru.  We have carefully designed a unique New Year tour package that starts after Christmas and runs through until the 2nd of January, featuring highlights like historical Cusco, the charming Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and a good mix of local traditions.  Of course a major highlight is seeing in the 2014 New Year with a distinctive and unforgettable Peruvian party!

If you wish to hike the infamous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu during the Christmas and New Year vacation please note that you should aim to book as early August or early September 2013 so that you don’t miss out on the permits that sell out at least 4 months in advance.  (Please contact Apus Peru for exact up to date availability.)

Apus Peru create unique itineraries which are a solid foundation for any visitor’s exploration to Peru. From these foundations, the client can build their own itinerary through the addition of:

  • Selecting one of four different travel styles, which offer the same itinerary but different accommodation and meal options
  • Upgrading their culinary experience
  • Adding in Lima, Nazca, Arequipa or Lake Titicaca extensions according to the time available
  • Adding a trek for non-trekking itineraries

Peru! – something completely different, treat yourself with this very special way to start New Year. Happy Travels!





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