Descending to the Sacred Valley – a rewarding route, suitable for most levels of hikers!

As I have the opportunity to do some of the treks that Apus Peru offer, I can only be inspired every time I go on one. Every day hike that is available offers something different, new views of the surrounding mountains of the Cusco region and always an experience to be shared.

Photos and words tell only half of the story – you have to go there to really understand!

Last week I had the pleasure to accompany a group of keen and able trekkers on a stunning route through to the Sacred Valley.  It took approximately 4 hours to cover the 7kms (about 4.5 miles) of traverse down into a lush valley of trees and farms from the Inca market town of Chinchero to Urquillos in the Sacred Valley. We started from 3600m and ended down by the Urubamba river by the small town of Urquillos at 2900m.

We started by descending from some awesome Inca terraces at Chincheros.

photo 1

We then headed on down an ancient Inca trail that skirted some small streams and miniature waterfalls

photo 2

About 30 minutes in, the valley opened out and we were left with jaw-dropping views of the way down to the Sacred Valley

photo 3

On the way down we encountered a little forest and took shelter for a bit of a picnic

photo 4

At the bottom where we ended our trek we found the quaint town of Urquillos. I think most gave it a mark of 10/10

photo 5

Simply put, this is a great little intro to the Andes and an adequate warm up hike for those going on to do the 4 day Inca Trail, Salkantay or similar.

To book this trek or similar 1 day hikes within close reach of Cusco, please see our link at -

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