Eastern to local, Cusco has it all… foodie review, Megan Malley

If you’ve had your share of Peruvian food and are looking for a different ethnicity, try the fabulous Japanese restaurant Kintaro only one block from the main plaza. The dining room is open and elegantly decorated, and the food is served on Asian-style wooden planks.


The sushi menu here includes bizarre combinations like the bacon avocado roll, which, I concluded, is much better than it sounds. The large noodle soup bowls, however, are the star attraction of Kintaro. I ordered the curry bowl and absolutely loved it, making sure to finish every last spoonful of spicy broth. http://www.cuscokintaro.com/en/


However, if you are looking for an authentic Peruvian dining experience, head to Encuentro on calle Ruinas for a typical local lunch. This vegetarian restaurant offers a daily “menú” for a set price of about 8 soles. The menú includes a “refresco,” or juice, a small plate of salad and potatoes, a large bowl of veggie or quinoa soup, and a main course of your choice depending on that day’s available dishes.


Their saltados, which are vegetable stir fry plates with rice and soy sauce, are delicious and very healthy. They also have chaufa, which is fried rice with tofu or vegetables. If you are sitting at a table with an empty seat during the rush hour, expect a Peruvian stranger to come up and sit with you. A great way to eat the way the locals do! http://restaurantelencuentro.blogspot.com/2008/04/comida-saludable-y-sabrosa.html


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