LARES TO MACHU PICCHU clean up trek – handy in the Andes

I have just recently returned from experiencing one of our Apus Peru treks, which happened to be a specially requested ‘Clean up’ hike.

I accompanied a group of 8; a family of 5 with 3 girls under 12 years old, a father/daughter couple and a teacher. The trek was our Lares to Machu Picchu route, a 4 day trek, hiking 3 days, 2 nights camping and ending with a visit to Machu Picchu.

We passed through the Andean communities of Chaullacocha and Chupani with which Apus Peru work directly through supporting their sister organisation Threads of Peru in promoting production of their traditional textiles.

We started on day 1 heading up from the Patacancha valley where our guide, Herbert, got us to do some team preperations.


As we made our way up to 4100m we collected trash located around the road side and managed to get two big sacks full of rubbish.


We passed through some local farm communities and gave out bread to the locals as there are literally no bakeries around for miles.


Three of our youngest group members were especially keen to interact with the local children. Here’s the Apus Peru clean up “team” foto:


As we passed through the communities later in the day the opportunity came to buy some local textiles from the people who made them, further supporting the communities which we encounter during our treks.


Day 2 began well and ended better. After a fair spell of rain it dried up just in time for a dip in the thermal baths near to Lares and our final nights camp.


During the course of the trek we had collected 7 and a half bags of rubbish and not passed by any other trekkers. Our trek culminated in a well deserved visit to Machu Picchu.


By Matt Waugh, 17th September 2014. Photographs, Matt Waugh and Sophia Kohler.

To book this trek or find out about other similar eco-hikes, please see our link:


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