Why trek to Choquequirao now?

choq 2

Choquequirao is a must see site in the Andes – currently only reached on foot on a stunning 4 day trek.

Why trek to Choquequirao in 2015?


If you enjoy solititude, amazing views and the satisfaction of a trek we recommend that you start planning your trek right now!   If you visit these breathtaking ruins before November 2015 you will be able visit without the impact of the cable car construction. The project is approved and going ahead with an estimated start date of November next year.

Having recently returned from a short 4 day hike to the ruins of Choquequirao, it is obvious to see why this is a trek that few people are currently taking on. There are some tough ascents and descents and it also happened to be extremely hot!

IMG_1052The path itself is solid and sturdy with just a few technically trickier sections such as the switch backs, built into some of the steeper parts, taking you down to and then up from the Apurimac river. This is quite a test for the legs, but for most it is a test of will power and perseverance with the seemingly endless zig-zags and exposure to the sun.

choq 1Choquequirao (which means ‘Cradle of Gold’) is also known as the ‘sister city’ to Machu Picchu but is more than double it’s size. Restoration work is still very much taking place here and discoveries are regularly being made by archeologists. Once at the ruins you are rewarded with incredible 360° views of surrounding mountains and very few people… for now!

llama wallA unique feature of Choquequirao is the Llama terraces with impossibly steep steps, not for the faint hearted! These are situated outside the main complex, to get here it is best to consider our in depth 5 day Choquequirao hike which gives you more time around the Choquequirao ruins themselves.

IMG_1060With Inca Trail permits not meeting public demand and trekkers saturating other nearby trails, the Choquequirao trek is a great alternative – and currently – off the beaten track option.

Our advice, consider trekking within the next 12 months. I trekked the route in August – peak high-season – and only saw 1 other small group. Other than us, there was not a soul at the ruins themselves. I could have a very different report to make in 12 months time!

Matt, October 2014

To take on one of our Choquequirao routes contact us at reservas@apus-peru.com or please see the following links;




For more info about the cable car click here:


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