Ausangate Sibinacocha trek to Yayamari: a personal account

Paul Seery and his friend Chris Vayansky trekked with us in May this year, read Paul’s account of that experience here:

“We elected to trek with Apus Peru for the opportunity to get away from the places where most people were trekking. Their profile seemed to fit with what we were after. The excellent communication and professionalism from the planning stages (thanks Matt) throughout the adventure made the entire experience worthwhile.

Our guide Joel was friendly and knowledgeable about the local region. His insight into the history and culture made this more than just a hike. The food prepared by our cook Joseph and the horsemen was excellent.

The trek itself was challenging but definitely worth the extra effort to have the experience of trekking through the higher elevations.


We saw many things along the way: snow capped peaks, rugged rocky terrain, the animals of the region and some local people. We even saw an avalanche on our 3rd day (which was quite loud though we were a good distance away). At night there were more stars visible than you could imagine.

Seery Avalanche photo for blog

Crossing the Abra del Condor pass on day 4 was definitely a highlight. The opportunity to actually trek through some snow was awesome. The views from the top were amazing.


We camped near Lake Sibinacocha as well as hiked around the south end and up the western coast the next day. The views of Sibinacocha were absolutely breathtaking. A massive lake with incredibly clear water.


We would definitely recommend the option to scramble up Cerro Yayamari. You get to be one of the few to reach its summit. Perched on the narrow rocks of the peak, we became aware that we were higher than many mountain peaks around us. Cerro Yayamari (5500m/18040ft); It’s a pretty cool thing to do, to get so high with a non -technical climb! The views in every direction were beyond what I could explain here.


For anyone looking for a truly off the beaten path experience (and a few challenges) we highly recommend this trek and Apus Peru.”

Many thanks to Paul and Chris for choosing Apus Perú and especially to Paul for taking the time to write this blog and for sharing your fabulous photos! Paul and Chris added the extra day to climb Yayamari . Contact us for more information:

Happy trekking ! 🙂


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