About Apus Peru

Apus Peru specializes in sustainable, unique trekking experiences in the Andean region.  We explore places no one else goes! Treks depart on demand, or with groups listed on our website: apus-peru.com. Routes feature Ausangate, Ancascocha and Choquequirao, and our cultural treks combine attractions such as Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail and Salkantay with seldom-visited ruins, remote indigenous communities, festivals and more.  Amazon trekking and tours in the Sacred Valley and Cusco are available, along with adventure activities and travel in Arequipa, Lake Tititcaca, Huaraz, Northern Peru and more!

We are recommended by South American Explorers, Lonely Planet 2010, Footprints South America, and is featured in Rough Guide´s Clean Breaks: 500 New Ways to See the World.  In addition, we are proud to announce we have recently passed initial certification in sustainable tourism by the Rainforest Alliance!

The Apus Peru Team!
The Apus Peru Team!
Apus Peru is organized around our employees, contractors and the local communities we visit. Often employment in the tourism industry is unpredictable.  Our goal is to avoid this economic instability by providing employees with a dependable source of income.  Booking treks and tours on an on-demand basis allows us to schedule guides, cooks and porters in a way that they can rely on a consistent, fair wages on a regular basis. In addition, our porters and muleteers our hired from towns along our routes, which helps spread income throughout isolated areas.
Ariana on our weaving tour
Ariana on our weaving tour

$15.00 (per person) of each trek or tour we book goes back to the areas where we work, and we actively collaborate with the Peruvian non-governmental organization Threads of Peru, which is helping to maintain the traditions of Andean weavers and the communities in which they live.  Finally, our guides and cooks regularly participate in training on how to reduce our negative impact on the areas we visit.



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  1. Hello,
    I am looking to see if there is any last minute availability for a 4 day tour to Machu Picchu in June, 2016. We will be available from June 10th-21st. Thank you in advance for your time.

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