Want to Join a Trek in Peru? Please scroll down for our list of departing treks.

2018 INCA TRAIL permits are now on sale.   If you want to trek before the end of the year……and there is NO Inca Trail availablity –  consider an alternative trek!  

If you are interested in trekking on an available date please contact us ASAP for pricing and paperwork.  We can depart ANY DAY that there are permits (eg. as a private group)  but for confirmed GROUP departures please scroll down.


Permits sell out REALLY fast – do not delay in making your booking. Once confirmed, we will list it here if you require a “group” trek. When permits sell out for Inca Trail entry dates, listings will be deleted.

Once permits are sold out no agency in Cusco can sell you permits, and permits are non-refundable & not exchangeable.  If you have missed out on permits, please consider one of our excellent alternative treks. We highly recommend the Lares to Machu Picchu trek, of 4 days described here

ALL confirmed departures for ‘trekkers wanted groups’ in 2018 – last updated 6/6/18 Check out any of our alternative trek routes

Listed on this page are groups of people looking for others to join them on the date specified. They are guaranteed departures, except where noted. Our maximum group size is 12, for a good quality experience.
If you have seen the trek that you want to do, but want others to join, then the best way to do this is to email us, make a deposit and guarantee the trip departure. Then, others have the opportunity to join you (however, it is never guaranteed that others will join). We recommend getting your trek listed at least 3 months prior to departure!
Please note: The final price is based on the final number of people that depart on the day. See this link for advantages/disadvantages of the Apus Peru Trekkers Wanted system:

Tips to get a group together

  1. Get in contact with us and we will try to put a group together?  Email: Departs: 15th June – returns 19th of June: 5 day Choquequirao trek, Trek style: Handy in the Andes Clean-up trek with 20% discount! 0 people confirmed, 12 spaces available.


JULY 2018

Departs 15th of July- Returns 16th July:  2 day Lares/ Chupani community trek (without Machu Picchu) People confirmed -2, places available – 10. Please note this trek is about seeing the women weavers in their community, so the itinerary may vary slightly to accommodate this. Words from the group: We are an adult female and her 18 year old cousin, travelling together from NY. I am a social entrepreneur and have lived in Asia and Eastern Europe, my cousin just graduated from H.S. and will be attending university in NY in the fall.


AUGUST  2018

* Special Promotion for the month of August on our clean up treks to help celebrate the month of THE Pacha Mama!

*Departs 1st August – Returns 5th of August: 5 day Ausangate with rainbow mountain  Trek Style: Handy in the Andes clean- up trek. Fixed departure $525 USD per person ! min 3 people max 12 people.

*Departs 15th of August -Returns 18th of August: 4 day Classic Choquequirao trek  Trek style: Handy in the Andes Clean-up trek. Fixed departure $495 USD per person ! min 3 people max 12 people. *2 people confirmed- 10 spaces available

*Departs 21st August – Returns 25th August: 5 day Salkantay trek Trek Style: Handy in the Andes clean- up trek. Fixed departure $895 USD per person ! min 3 people max 12 people.

Departs 29th of August- Returns 1st of September: 4 d Lares trek to Machupicchu Trek style: Trekkers wanted shared service. People confirmed 3. Places remaining – 9. Words from the group: we are three Canadian nature lovers (2 women and a man) and dedicated to active hiking. We are easy going and appreciate good communication”


Departs 4th of September- returns 11th of September : 8 day Choquequirao Trek style-Trekkers wanted shared service. people confirmed – 1. Places available 11. Words from the group: I am a single traveler looking to group together with others for the 8 day Choquequirao trek. I am happy to do the 5 day trek as an alternative. I am from the UK and taking a 12 month sabbatical. (book before the 31st of July or this trek will change to a 5 day Choquequirao!)

Departs 13th of September – Returns 17th of september:  5 day Salkantay trek  trek style: trekkers wanted – shared service. People confirmed -2. Places available -10. Words from the group: New Zealand couple in their mid 50’s. A Dentist and a Teacher. We have travelled widely but this will be our first visit to South America. Good fitness. Happy to share this experience with other keen hikers.

Departs 17th of September- Returns 21st of September: 5 day Ancascocha Trek style: Handy in the Andes Clean-up trek with 20% discount! 1 people confirmed, 11 spaces available. You need to book by August 10th or this trip might not go ahead.

Departs 21st of september – Returns 21st of september: Cusco city tour and 4 ruins  ruins 2 people confirmed- 10 places available. Words from the groupMarried American couple who are physically active, love the outdoors, and enjoy hiking, biking,etc.  We lived near the Rocky Mountains for years and have experience hiking at high altitudes.  We are both around 60 years old.  We would love to have others join us.  We enjoy meeting new people and conversing with them.

Departs 27th of September- Returns 27th of September: half day city tour 2 people confirmed-10 spaces available.

Departs 29th of September – Returns 29th of September: Shapes of the Past  . Trek style: trekkers wanted – 2 people confirmed – 10 places remaining. Words from the group: Married American couple who are physically active, love the outdoors, and enjoy hiking, biking,etc.  We lived near the Rocky Mountains for years and have experience hiking at high altitudes.  We are both around 60 years old.  We would love to have others join us.  We enjoy meeting new people and conversing with them.

Departs 30th of September – Returns 1st of October: 2 day Inca trail  . Trek Style: trekkers wanted – 2 people confirmed 10 spaces available. Words from the group: Married American couple who are physically active, love the outdoors, and enjoy hiking, biking,etc.  We lived near the Rocky Mountains for years and have experience hiking at high altitudes.  We are both around 60 years old.  We would love to have others join us.  We enjoy meeting new people and conversing with them.



Departs 11th October- returns 16th October: 5 days Choquequirao In depth  + Machu Picchu extension + Huayna Picchu. Trek style: Trekkers wanted  shared service. People confirmed – 4. Places remaining – 8. Words from the group: Young Canadian couple (early 30s), avid backcountry trekkers. Average pace expected, as first time we’ve hiked at this altitude. Hoping to learn lots about the history and culture of the Incas at Choquequirao and Machu Picchu and do some amateur wildlife photography. ALSO: 2 experienced trekkers/backpackers, both physicians, healthy men in early 60s who have been backpacking together over the course of decades,  Average pace expected.  Both enjoy history and the outdoors and live in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina.

Departs 23rd of October – returns 24th of October: 2 day Vinicunca trek,  Trek style: Handy in the Andes Clean-up trek with 20% discount! 0 people confirmed, 12 spaces available.



Departs 12th of November – Returns 15th of November : 4 day Lares trek, Trek style: Handy in the Andes Clean-up trek with 20% discount! 0 people confirmed, 12 spaces available. 



Departs 4th of December – Returns 6th of December : 3d Lares Chupani trek with Machupicchu style: Handy in the Andes Clean-up trek with 20% discount! 0 people confirmed, 12 spaces available.












90 thoughts on “TREKKERS WANTED!

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  2. Christina and Judd,
    I am a 30 yr old female from California looking to do the 4d hike leaving on May 28. Would that work for you guys?

  3. Yes! I am very interested in the Ausangate trek. I also happen to be vegetarian! But I am traveling by myself and I’m finding it difficult to book any trek with just one person. I was planning on going in May but I could consider a later date if this works out. I am a young woman in my 20s and I live in Montana USA so mountains and trekking are very familiar to me. I’ve also visited Australia.

  4. Hello, Is anyone keen to join me on the “Choquequirao Salkantay, Inca Trail Machu & Picchu 12 days” trek some time in June this year?! Im from Australia, 35yrs and female – also climbing in Huaraz beforehand. Looks like fun! – Thanks, Meri.

  5. Hi there, we are two men in our mid-30s aiming to do the 9day Choquequirao-Vilcabamba-Macchu Pichu trek, departing date being somewhere between Oct 25th and November 10th. Ideally lokking for 5-6 extra people to bring costs down. We’ve both been to Peru several times and are multilingual relaxed types. Anyone interestedm please contact at . Happy trails.

  6. Hi. Do you have dates for one person or two people in September 2016 with start dates 7th to 24th for the clasic inca trail.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Liz. The classic inca trail sold out some time ago, however we are two Aussie ladies doing Choquekiraw 4 nights/5 days and adding on a 2 day/1 night trip to Machu Picchu starting on 8 September 2016. Interested?

  7. Hi, we are two very fit experienced ladies 53 & 63 who are planning to do Choquequirao with Machu Picchu extension in early September 2016 (probably around 5 September) and looking extra people who may want to join us to bring the cost down. My email is

  8. hello, How are you?. My father and I will go on August 8 to Cusco, we are from Peru and we want to do trekking from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu, between August 13 and 14 to initiate the trip. We would like joining with some group, greetings.

    hola, qué tal?. Mi padre y yo iremos el 8 de agosto a Cusco, somos de Perú y queremos hacer la caminata de Choquequirao a Machu Picchu, entre el 13 y 14 de agosto para iniciar el recorrido. Nos gustaría juntarnos con algún grupo, saludos.

    mi correo es

  9. Hi

    I am looking to do the 12d trek choquequirao, salkantay, machu picchu in April 2017. Looking for other trekkers to join in on the fun. I am 43 year old female from Australia.

  10. Hi Bernadette

    I am also looking to do the trek during those dates! I’ve sent you an email, please do let me know your thoughts!

    Naadhira Mahomed

    • Hi Naadhira,
      Sorry for not replying earlier, I have only received your email this morning. We are still travelling on those dates to Choquequirao 5d/4n, then a 2d/1n Inca trail straight after that. Are you still interested? We have booked and paid a deposit, but i suppose it might be possible to add a person if you would like to join us. Only three weeks to go, so it is pretty urgent now. Let me know

  11. We have booked a five day trek of Ausangate and the Rainbow Mountain from Sept 12-16. We’re an American couple from Maine in our mid 30’s who love hiking, traveling and exploring new countries (we just got back from Everest Base Camp in Nepal in May). Would love at least 1-2 other trekkers to help bring the cost of the trek down and join in on the fun of exploring Peru with us! We’re also doing the two-day tour to Sacred Valley, Pisac, and Machu Picchu/Huayna Picchu on Thursday, Sept 8-9 if anyone wants to join on that part or both tours. We left a few days in between these two tours to hang out in Cusco, acclimate, and may do another day trip then depending on how we feel. Hope to hear from you!

  12. Hello

    I am a sole traveler from Switzerland (female, 47) and I would love to do the Vinicunca-Rainbow Mountain-Trek (2 days), starting from 17 October 2016 onwards.
    I’m quite an experienced hiker.
    I would love to find someone who would like to join me or I would also like to join a group.
    Please give me a shout if you are interested.

  13. Hi all – I’m looking into doing a 12-day trek Choquequirao Salkantay, Inca Trail Machu & Picchu in the summer of 2017. Two travelers from the US in our late 30s can do any dates from late June through Aug 2017. We are active and would love the company of others and meeting new people. Saving on per person costs would be a perk as well. Please reach out to me if you are also considering a 12 day trek in the summer of 2017 and we can work together to pick a date that works best! Post here or contact me at nal20xc (at) yahoo (dot com)

    • Hi, I am in the process on booking the 8d/7n trek choquequirao to Machu Picchu with 4-5 friends from the USA and 2-3 of us here from Australia. we are leaving on the 22nd June 2017… me if you are interested. The more the merrier!!

    • Hey I am also looking for a trek like this. I am 30 year´s old and from Germany. If your group is still open just let me know

  14. Hello! I am looking to do a 4 or 5 day trek sometime between July 1st and July 9th, 2017. Unfortunately my days aren’t flexible because that is the week I will have vacation from work. I’m female, in my 30’s, vegan (if it matters), from California, and most likely will be traveling solo. I’d love to join a group if possible, and make new friends from around the world! Can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks!

  15. Hi,

    I am travelling from Australia and interested in doing the Inca trail 2 days that is 13th & 14th April 2017. Im looking to join a group if anyone interested.


  16. Hi Aman

    Instead of 2 day Inca trail, are you interested in 6d 5n salkantay/Inca trail leaving on 19th April. We have a group of 5 at present. I am from Australia too.

    Kind regards


  17. Hello, I’m from San Francisco, looking for at least another female, or a group of people to do Classic Inca trail trek 4 days/3 nights). Would fly on sat 5/27 to Cusco and back on Sat 6/3 preferably (perhaps 6/4). Please let me know if you’re interested.
    Alternatively, I’m looking to join a group to do Classic Inca trail during May or June. Please contact me.

    • Just to add to my previous original note: I’m fit and hike every weekend. I’m comfortable w/ 10-12+ miles w/ at least 3,000+ elevation climb. I am friendly and flexible, and can adapt to any group and any pace accordingly. 🙂

  18. Young couple from Canada looking for people to book Choquequirao 4 days in end of august (25 or 26) + extension to Machu Picchu (5th day).

  19. Hi, I am most likely traveling solo and would love to find a group to trek with sometime between April 1st- 7th. I prefer a 2-4day hike, but am also wondering about prices? Please let me know if there is a group I could join, and what the cost might look like. Thank you! -Erica

  20. Hi. I’m also an Aussie and looking at Ausangate trek options around this time. Not sure if you’re still looking but I’m keen for these dates. Vego food is always welcome.

    • Hello,

      I am also very interested in the trek around the time mentioned. I’ll be turning 30 in June and been looking to do this trek for some time now. I’m a vegan and come from Washington State!

  21. Hi Sophie. Sorry, my plans have now changed and I’m not looking at this trek anymore. All the best with your trip!

  22. Hello, we are two friends interested in joining this one: Departs 31 July/ returns 8 August: 9 day Choquequirao Machu Picchu (9 days) – 6 people confirmed. Max. 10 pax, 4 spaces available. Trek style: trekkers wanted shared service. NB: This reservation has requested Aguas Calientes Standard Upgrade to be included when joining this tour .

  23. Hello. Do you have a group for Choquequirao in October or November? Myself and a friend would like to join a group if possible.

    • Hi Terry, all our groups are listed on trekkers wanted; we currently don’t have a group for Choquequirao in October. We suggest going earlier than later, as by November the rainy season would likely have started and can make the trek dangerous. (It depends on the year.)

  24. Hi, interested in joining this one: 8 day Choquequirao Machu Picchu, departing the 30th July, or the 9 day version departing a day later. If you could give me some further info and pricing that would be fantastic! I’m a 20 year old Australian female with a lot of hiking experience, including the Camino de Santiago.

  25. We are 3 ladies from China and we have booked the air ticket to Peru and our destination is Machu Picchu. We will be arriving Cusco on Sep 30 and leave on Oct 6, we are looking for a 4 days Classic Inca Trail tour between Oct 1 to Oct 5…

  26. I am just checking. There are no permits available for inca trail until October 2018? How far in advance must one apply for permit and is there a safe legitimate link you can provide to apply?

    • Hi Yolanda, There are currently permits available as of November 2017! I recommend booking as soon as you can for dates this year. For next year the permits will go on sale as of October 2017. So you would need to book before this date to guarantee your preferred dates ! I hope this helps 🙂

  27. Hi! I’m interested in joining the group trek (Classic Inca Trail) that leaves on October 31st, or any other trek that leaves in November. I’m traveling single from the United States, please msg me if I can help complete any group!!

      • Hi

        I am interested in joing you on the Inca trek. I will be travelling alone at this point. I am a 28yo English man. Please message me if there is space.

        Thank you


  28. Hi!

    I want to do the ausangate trek between 18.-25. June. I’m travelling by myself, I’m female, from Germany and 30 years old.
    I’d be happy to join someone for this!

    Cheers, Eva Maria

  29. Hello,

    I want to do the Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek between 12.-31. October. I’m travelling by myself, I’m male, from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and 34 years old.
    I’d be happy to join someone/group for this!

    Cheers, Ray

  30. Hi, I am a 59 year old healthy male from India with ample high altitude trekking experience. I am looking for companions to form a six-member group to do the Salkantay – Classic Inca Trail Combo trek (6 days) and the Amazon Forest trek (4 days camping/lodge) in November/December. Please respond with your preferred dates between 15th and 30th November (starting date). Thanks

  31. Hi, I want to do the Classic Choquequirao trek 4D trek between 13th and 31st October. What possibilities are there? I’d be happy to join group for this! Thanks!

  32. Hi,

    I am a solo traveler from the UK, 19, fit, scout and I’m looking to join a group doing the Choquequirao-Machu Picchu route 8 day hike in early September.

    Do you have any groups doing this trek, or could you put me in contact with another company who might? Although I would like to do the trek with you if possible.

    Any information that you send me would be really appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,

    Francis TP

  33. Hello,
    Solo female traveller from Slovakia looking to join a group to Choquequirao (4nights/5days) or with extension to Macchu Picchu preferably sometime from 22.09.-12.10.2017..I could possibly join the group between my ticket is not book yet, but need to leave country on 19.10.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

    • Hello Petra,

      Are you still looking to do this trek on or around 22nd September? If yes, we may be interested.

      Sandy and Scott

      • Hello Sandy!I am so sorry.My plans has changed so I have changed my dates completely:(I wish you that you find a great people to join you!Safe travels!

      • Hello Sandy, Scott and Petra,

        I am currently looking into going to a 4-5d trek to Choquequirao a bit before the 24th of September (or after that date).

        Ideally I would go for the 18th of September or the 25th of September (start of the trip).

        I am a solo traveler from Canada and just learned about this trek.

        Hopefully you guys are available for these dates 🙂

        Talk to you soon,


      • Dear Raphael!
        I am so sorry but I was forced to change my dates nd also company for this trek.I am in Peru now and going to Choquequirao tom.I am sad it is not Apus-but hopefully it will be fine.Good luck nd I hope you will find somebody!!!

  34. We are two female travellers from Canada, looking to join a group to do the classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu in November for 5 days, we are looking at those days between November 8 and November 15

    Looking forward to hearing from you



  35. Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek – 9 days. Two Australians wishing to join a group around the 20th September 2017.

  36. Hi everyone,

    I am a solo traveler from Canada trying to find a group of people to ideally do the 5 days trek to Choquequirao. The ideal departure dates for me are between the 17th-19th of September or the 25th of September.

    For more information feel free to reply here and we can get in touch to exchange info/ plan out the trek.

    Happy planning!


  37. I’m a solo traveler….28 years old male from Colorado former college athlete looking to do the 4 inca trail or Expreso Salkantay trek over Thanksgiving 2017.

    Trying to book this ASAP so please contact me if you’re interested.

  38. Two Americans starting to plan a trek for late May 2018! We are considering the 7 Day Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek and are interested in hiking with a few more people. Our ideal launch date is May 24. Please let us know if anyone is interested – happy travels!

    • Hi Chris,
      I and a friend would love to join you in May ’18. But we were looking at the Salkantay cum classic Inca combo route. What do you think about that?
      Bimal Bhattacharya, India

      • Hi all,

        I would di the Choquequirao route on May 24th next year, I live in Peru, love mountain biking and have done other high mountain treks here.
        Would like to join you.



      • Hi Bernardo,
        Choquequirao route is a bit longer and more difficult for our comfort. Have you already done the Salkantay route? It has the advantage of partly covering the classic Inca trail. Please let me know what you think.

      • Did this materialize? My girlfriend and I are considering doing a Choquequirao + hike in May.


      • Hello Andrew,
        My boyfriend and I are also looking at options for Choquequirao to MP in May. Send us an email if still interested. Jessica

  39. Anyone interested in doing a trek to Choquequirao at the end of August/Beginning of September 2018? Am keen to do it both to Vilcabamba or Machu Picchu
    I am a 26yo female from Australia that will be travelling solo around Peru

      • Hi Im looking at hiking Ausangate and Vinicunca early September if you would be open to changing your trek? I’m fit, but not sure about Choquequirao . I would love to leave Cusco on the 4th or 5th September. Im 46yo female and from Sydney, Oz

  40. Anyone interested in doing a 4D hike starting on May 18th or May 19th this year? I am keen to do the Choquequirao trek but I am open to other choice in Peru (Because doing any trek alone is financially unaffordable to me…). I am a 28 female flying from Seattle to travel alone in Peru during May 17th to May 27th so the time that I can do trek is kind of limited. But if your schedule match mine, please contact me. Thank you!

  41. Hi i am interested in the 5 day Ancascocha clean up trek Departing 17th of september- Returns 21st of september. me and my friend are travelling south america and these dates match perfectly
    please contact me asap

    • Hi Nora, Thank you for contacting Apus Peru. Here at Apus Peru we generally work with private groups, we do not form groups unless it is specifically asked for by our passengers, once they have confirmed their trek. We do operate this Trekkers Wanted page in these circumstancesa and the more people who join a group, the lower the price per person- depending on how many people join.
      If you see a group you would like to join then please contact us at to give you more information, costs and specific details of that particular trek. I currently see a couple of options at the beginning of July for this trek but there is no 2 day inca trail open for you to join on the dates you have mentioned.

      In this case you could open your group if you are date specific to see if others want to join you 🙂

      Many thanks!

  42. Hola, if anyone is interested in trekking the Ausangate and Vinicunca 5 day trek leaving Cusco around the 4th or 5th September I would love to start an Open Trek. I’m a 46 yo Female from Sydney Oz, I’m fit and easy going. After the trek I would love to see the Amazon, so if anyone has some great recommendations they would love to share, please post, and/or come with.

  43. Would love to join the 8 days Choquequirao to Machu Pichu trek. I will be arriving in Cuzco on the evening of September 3 from Quito, Ecuador and will be adjusted to high altitude. Departure preferably September 5

  44. Hi, I am a sixty year old experienced mountain trekker from India. I am looking for 3-4 companions for the Salkantay-cum-classic Inca trail (7 days/ 6 nights) to Mach Picchu during Nov-Dec, 2018. Price as given in the Apus website will be about USD 1350 per head.

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